KSSBEO  accepts most COPE approved continuing education.  

  • COPE Category translations into Kansas Categories

    COPE Category Description



    A. Clinical Optometry
    Contact Lenses CL General
    Functional Vision/Pediatrics FV General
    General Optometry GO General
    Low Vision/Visual Impairment and Rehabilitation
    LV General
    Public Health
    PB General
    B. Ocular Disease
    Glaucoma GL Pharmacology
    Injection Skills IS Pharmacology
    Laser Procedures LP Pharmacology
    Peri-Optometric Management of Ophthalmology Surgery PO Pharmacology
    Refractive Surgery Management RS Pharmacology
    Sugery Procedures SP Pharmacology
    Treatment/Management of the Anterior Segment AS Pharmacology
    Treatment/Management of the Posterior Segment PS Pharmacology
    C. Related Systemic Disease
    Neuro-Optometry NO Pharmacology
    Oral Pharmaceuticals OP Pharmacology
    Pharmacology PH Pharmacology
    Principles of Diagnosis PD General
    Systemic/Ocular Disease SD Pharmacology
    D. Optometric Business Management
    Practice Management PM Practice Management
    Ethics/Jurisprudence EJ Practice Management