Upcoming CE Events

The following CE events have been approved by KSSBEO:

Grapevine CE

KSSBEO has approved the following CE.  Please note that this CE will count as NON-LIVE
Agent 007: For Your Eyes Only
Geriatric Park - New Drops for Dinosaurs
Harry Potter 1: Conjuring Spells to Diagnose Dry Eye
Harry Potter 2: Conjuring Spells to Manage Dry Eye
Introduction to Human Trafficking
Making the Most-ess of Diagnosing Ptosis
Opioids Update 2023
Pirates of the Carribbean - Search for Corneal Treasures
Prince & the Revolutionary Treatment of Dry Eyes
Star Trek: A New Frontier in Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy
Super Heroic Measure in Caring for the Cornea
Terminator - Glaucoma Judgement Day