How to obtain a license

Qualifications of Practitioners:

Person(s) entitled to practice optometry in Kansas shall be those person(s) licensed in accordance with the provisions of the optometry law. A person shall be qualified to be licensed and to receive a license as an optometrist:

  • Who is of good moral character, and in determining the character of any such person, the board may take into consideration any felony conviction of such person, but such conviction shall not automatically operate as a bar to licensure;
  • Who has graduated from a school or college of optometry approved by the board; and
  • Who successfully meets and completes the requirements set by the board and passes an examination given by the board.

Exam Application Revised 02142018 (Fillable PDF)
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Exam Application Revised 02142018 (MSWord document)

2021 Exam Date:

 Those optometrists not licensed in Kansas may contact the Executive Officer of the Kansas State Board of Examiners in Optometry to request applications and information on license requirements.  That address is:

Kansas State Board of Examiners in Optometry
Jan Murray, Executive Officer
3109 W 6th Street, Suite B
Lawrence, KS 66049


Important Dates:


Video to help study for the Law portion of the exam can be found in two parts:
KSSBEO Law Video Part I
KSSBEO Law Video Part II

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